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Welcome to Matt Hill Motorsports, the Delaware Valley's premier fuel injection calibration provider.  Housed within our 17,000+ square foot facility in Southern New Jersey, Matt Hill Motorsports uses the most up-to-date tuning techniques, hardware, software, and knowledge to provide the best calibrations in the industry.

In-House Chassis Dyno Services
EFI Tuning
Fleet Economy Tuning
Diesel Performance Tunes
Fuel Systems
Performance Parts

Why Choose Matt Hill Motorsports?

- Expert Tuning Knowledge
Put Matt's training, certifications, and experience to good use!  There is no room for guessing in tuning.  Only data collection, scientific analysis, and proper corrections.
- The Best Parts
Matt Hill Motorsports only carries the best in products in the industry.  Let our testing and R&D keep you from being a guinea pig. 
- The Best Equipment
Rest assured knowing that we only use the finest tuning tools and equipment to accurately record data and calibrate your vehicle.  We've spared no expense to get it right!
- Excellent Pricing
You'll find our pricing to be fair and honest.  We work hard to give our customers the best price for parts, labor, and service.  We also provide discounts to active military, law enforcement, and fire/rescue personnel!
- All Vehicles Stored Indoors
Because we're housed within the largest facility of our kind on the East Coast, no vehicles are left outside.  Cars are housed safely indoors where they are protected from weather and the public.


We're not just race cars!  A HUGE percentage of what we do involves economy and public safety calibrations for private citizens as well as fleets such as police departments, fire departments, rescue squads, taxi cabs, farms and nurseries, meter readers, delivery trucks, and more.  Let us work with you to optimize your vehicles for your needs!  Perhaps even a conversion to alternative fuels, allowing you to benefit from rebates, energy credits, and tax breaks while saving money at the pump!

Police, Fire, EMS, and Government Farm, Delivery, Work, and Tow Trucks
Taxi / Limo / Shuttle Services Passenger Cars & Light Trucks

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