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Fragola Y Fitting (Single -10AN to two -8AN)

Fragola Y Fitting (Single -10AN to two -8AN)

  • $38.99


  • Fitting Size 1: -10 AN
  • Fitting Attachment 1: Male threads
  • Fitting Size 2: -8 AN
  • Fitting Attachment 2: Male threads
  • Fitting Size 3: -8 AN
  • Fitting Attachment 3: Male threads
  • Fitting Finish: Black anodized
  • Fitting Material: Billet aluminum

    These Fragola Performance Systems Y fittings provide a smoother flow path and less weight than comparable Y blocks and fittings. They are machined from billet aluminum and are anodized for maximum protection against any type of fuel or fuel additives. The Y fittings are available in different AN sizes to suit your fuel system's needs and offer male threaded connections on all three sides

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