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Dyno & Services

The Dyno


Come see what sets Matt Hill Motorsports apart from any other EFI Specialist!

Our facility houses a Dynojet 224xLC load-bearing chassis dynamometer within a state-of-the-art test cell from Soundmaster.  The cell's custom ventilation system provides an air exchange rate of approximately 11.5 times per minute within the cell.  This allows for heat extraction as well as removal of exhaust fumes and gases.  The cell is also soundproof, providing a safe, controlled testing environment.

The electronics allow for datalogging of analog sensors (including boost), engine RPM, vehicle speed, air/fuel ratio, OBD-II parameters, and more.  Lab-grade sensors available for logging at an additional cost.

We can handle street and race vehicles up to 2000hp.  Two wheel drive vehicles with either front or rear wheel drive can be accommodated.

The in-house chassis dyno is used daily for custom tuning of fuel injection systems.

Club and group dyno days, dyno rentals, and private tuning sessions are available by appointment.  We welcome clubs and can even help with club fund raising!

Private tuning sessions can be kept 100% confidential with no information released.

Matt Hill Motorsports will perform independent product or vehicle testing and/or certification for manufacturers.  Please call for more information!

We can also perform power certifications for various racing classes requiring power-to-weight ratio adjustments.

Please call or email us to schedule an appointment.

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