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About us

Since 2003 my mission has been simple -- To provide the highest quality work at a fair price.

With a belief that the right way is the only way to complete a task, I've spared no expense in assembling the finest equipment in order to provide my customers with the best possible calibrations.  I keep my education current and as high as possible by routinely attending seminars and training classes.  With technology constantly evolving in the automotive world, this is absolutely mandatory to provide accurate calibrations  With my expenses being what they are, I can't always promise to be the cheapest in the business.  However, I challenge you as the client to compare my quality of work combined with the fair pricing I set to the others in the industry.

I strive for perfection and stand behind my work.  I make myself very accessible to my clients.  Can others in the industry make that claim?  Sure.  Can they back it up?  Maybe not.  Attention to detail, fair pricing, and customer service set this business apart from the rest.

Matt Hill
Owner & Calibrator, Matt Hill Motorsports




What's the story on the shop?

In mid-October, 2007, we purchased a 17,000+ square foot building located on three acres of property in Stow Creek Township, New Jersey.  Our new location is right on State Highway 49, giving our customers great access from not only New Jersey, but Delaware and Pennsylvania!

The building was formerly used by a large electric motor repair company.  Since that company's closing, the building has been vacant for roughly 15 long years.  Never to be intimidated by any project, we're currently under way with a massive rehabilitation project transforming the building into a state-of-the-art calibration laboratory.  Major improvements to be performed include a new roof, heating and air conditioning improvements, plumbing and electrical upgrades, fresh paint, and landscaping.  The majority of the flooring will be updated and several rooms are being transformed into a large showroom area to greet our customers and guests.

While the cosmetic changes are definitely welcome, the major focus of this project is function.  We're working closely with Soundmaster to ensure that our tuning facility is taken to the next level with one of their chassis dyno test cells.  Our Dynojet 224xLC and laboratory-grade data acquisition equipment will be housed within a sound-proof enclosure, complete with its own elaborate ventilation system for safety and vehicle performance.  This is a measure taken only by those very serious about calibration, such as OEMs and professional race teams.

Beside our chassis dyno, we also have Rotary lifts ready to be installed in the work area.  We'll be outfitting the shop with welders and fabrication equipment from Miller, tools from Matco, and other shop equipment from various manufacturers. 

We look forward to serving customers in our new facility.  We're sparing no expense to make this the best facility to fulfill your calibration needs.  We'll keep this page updated with the improvements and we'll be welcoming guests at our open house in Spring 2008!