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Daytona Sensors CD-1 Capacitive Discharge Ignition System

Daytona Sensors CD-1 Capacitive Discharge Ignition System

  • $741.95

Daytona Sensors Part #: 102003
Matt's Notes: Made in the USA! 
The Daytona Sensors CD-1 Kit is a complete capacitive discharge ignition system (with CD-1™ Coil) for 4-6-8 cylinder race engines and is perfect for Street/Strip, Circle Track (Asphalt & Dirt), Road Race and pretty much any racing application you can think of which uses a distributor-based engine.
Produces an output of 135 mJ spark energy and racers can digitally set launch, burnout, and maximum RPM limits with 100 RPM steps from 3,000 to 9,900 RPM (10,900 RPM for maximum RPM limit).  

The PC programmable advance features ranging from a simple RPM based advance curve to a 3D timing map with boost proportional retard.  The built-in data-logging capability features a 16 Mbit DataFLASH memory.  There are dedicated input terminals for launch RPM and manifold pressure.

Features one general purpose input and two general purpose input/output terminals. Inputs can be programmed for high gear retard, burnout RPM limit, vehicle speed sensor, and throttle position sensor.  Outputs can be programmed for RPM window switch, nitrous system activation, and multi-gear shift light functions.

The CD-1™ includes a highly efficient switching power supply based on US Patents #6518733 and #6636021 and will draw less than 5 amps of current at 8,000 RPM.  Rated for continuous operation at 8,500 RPM and 85º C (185º F).

The CD-1™ unit is fully encapsulated construction using surface mount electronics and is waterproof and highly resistant to vibration and shock.  The unit uses advanced 12 pin Deutsch connector for signal connections and components are a compact size and lightweight.    

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