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Gen 1 Lightning Holley HP EFI & US Shift Complete Package

Gen 1 Lightning Holley HP EFI & US Shift Complete Package

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Looking to swap your tired Gen 1 Lightning to Holley EFI?  Look no further!  This is the complete package!  Bundled from our most common product sales, with this setup, you will not need to purchase any other parts to make your truck run and drive.  

  • Holley HP EFI (For TFI Ford)
  • US Shift Quick 4 (With E4OD Harness)
  • 3-Bar MAP Sensor (For Boosted Applications)
  • 1-Bar MAP Sensor (For naturally Aspirated Applications)
  • Bosch Wideband Oxygen Sensor
  • Holley EFI TFI Adapter
  • Holley EFI Input/Output Cable
  • Genuine Motorcraft TFI Module (Push Start)
  • Unterminated Remote-Mount TFI Cable 

Because we install and use this very system, we can support you with your installation and your tuning process every step of the way.  Base start-up files are included when the client is ready to start his or her vehicle for the first time. 

Additional tuning support, remote tuning, and dyno tuning available for additional fees.


Note: This can only be used with vehicles not  regulated by emissions standards.  We can't control what you do with it, but we can warn you not to break the law! 

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